Active Leak Repair Kit™ is an easy-to-install compression seal system designed for active leaks up to 75 psi. It consists of a compression strap – suitable for operations handling water, harsh chemicals and high heat – combined with a resin fiberglass outer wrap that hardens around it, securing the strap in place and protecting it from mechanical damage.

Technical Data Sheet

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Installation Procedure

1. Secure the leak with QuickStrap™


Starting opposite the leak, apply QuickStrap™ tightly around the pipe, layer over layer. Then, secure the end with tape.

2. Prepare the Pipe Surface


Mark and abrade the surface to provide an anchor pattern. Solvent wipe the surface and allow the solvent to flash off.

3. Apply Pipe Wrap® and Topcoat


Remove Pipe Wrap® from the foil pouch and immerse in water to activate the resin. Apply provided Pipe Wrap® using the cigar wrap method. A topcoat may be applied after two hours.