Our core values is the heart of our organization. We operated and taking action and decision based on our corporate core values.

Below is our three core values which represent our initial company name C-R-E:

C Continuous Development and Improvement

We believe that in this fast-growing era, a company needs continuous development and improvement values so that it will not crushed and destroyed by the current global market and competition. Therefore PT. Centra Rekayasa Enviro is committed to continue to develop products and services to meet the demands of the customers and continuously develop and improve in the field of human resources as our biggest asset.

R Right First Time

We believe that by carrying out the principle of working right first time from the beginning it will minimize errors at the end of the process and finally all of our work will generate satisfaction for our customers and company.

E Effective and Efficient Through Reliable Management System

and Excellent Team Work

We believe that through a reliable management system and an excellent teamwork it will produce an effective and efficient process that will minimizes losses which will ultimately provide better benefits for our company, employees, customers and suppliers.

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