As a part of our Sustainability Development Framework and 3P commitment (Profit, People, Planet), the management of CR-Enviro have committed that the company CSR goal is to become a role model and contribute to the development and prosperity of the Indonesian nation. The company is expecting that the CSR program can give a direct impact in improving the quality of community life and creates a harmony with the surrounding company environment. The CSR priorities include: Education, Health, Economics and Environment. Centra Group is aiming to be the best company in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmentally Friendly Company in Indonesia in by 2022.

Building a more sustainable business. Building a more sustainable world. Being a good corporate citizen and operating a responsible business is at the heart of what we do at PT. Centra Rekayasa Enviro.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a major part of our company and we lived the business by giving back what we get to the community surround us. We have committed that CRE Group will divide 1/3 of it’s capital for business, 1/3 for share holder & 1/3 for social responsibility.

CSR News:

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