The EPRK™ is an all-inclusive emergency response kit ideal for short-term, temporary repairs in refinery, irrigation, mining and processing plant applications in pressures up to 300 psi. The system, which can have repair life extended by using a high-strength outer wrap, is available for pipe sizes from 1 to 12 inches.


Mechanical Properties – Elastomeric Strap

Attribute–Tensile Strength
Method– ASTM D412 
Value– 640 psi 

Attribute– Compression Set
Method– ASTM D395B
Value–40 %

Attribute–Hardness – Shore A
Method– ASTM D2240
Value– 60

Thermal Properties

Attribute– Minimum Working Temperature
Value– -22° F (-30 °C)

Attribute– Maximum Working Temperature
Value–176 °F (80°C)

Mechanical Properties – Cladding

Attribute– Tensile Modulus
Method– ASTM D638
Value– 659,206 psi

Attribute– Tensile Elongation
Method– ASTM D638
Value– 1.2 %

Attribute– Compression Strength
Method– ASTM D695
Value–53,450 psi

Attribute– Compression Modulus
Method– ASTM D695
Value–13,755 psi

Attribute– Working Time
Value–3-5 minutes

Technical Data Sheet

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