Centra Rekayasa Enviro manufactures a full range Fuel Fired Melting furnaces for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous applications including Copper, Brass, Gunmetal, zinc etc. These furnaces are fired by Oil or Gas or Dual Fuel burners.

Centra Rekayasa Enviro range of Oil/Gas fired melting furnaces include the following-

ROTARY FURNACE- capacity rating 300 to 3000 kg batch Cast iron. They are ideal for making heat resisting and other alloyed cast iron castings. Can also be used for melting Brass / Gunmetal, Melting / Smelting of Lead and Aluminium scrap but capacity will vary due to change in density of metal.

SEMI ROTARY FURNACE- capacity 50 kg to 1000 kg of Aluminium Dross. Ideal for recovery of aluminium from aluminium dross.

CRUCIBLE TILTING FURNACE– capacity range is 100 to 1000 Kg Brass / Gunmetal and 30 to 300 kg Aluminium per batch. Due to burner flame not coming in contact with the metal in the crucible, high purity metal and its alloys are suitable for melting in this furnace. These furnaces have central axis manual tilting arrangement with gear mechanism for pouring metal into the ladle. A motorized tilting version with inching facility is also available.

All of our product are equipped with suitable Air Pollution Control (APC) which compliance with local regulation.

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