ERP System for Manufacturers

Our ERPNext solution offers you the most comprehensive manufacturing system. The production schedule is based on the workstation availability. Next highlight is that you can get hierarchical bill of materials and costing.

Besides these, you can easily sub-contract or outsource a segment of manufacturing processes while including it’s final cost along with the resulting products.


  • Bill of Materials
    • Maintains material and operation list
    • Assign cost to each material
    • Get insights of total cost of production
    • Real-time report generation for materials required for production
  • Production Orders
    • Tracking orders for production
    • Tracking material movements
    • Registering finished goods and tracking the progress of successful production
  • Inventory Management
    • Seamless management of multiple inventory locations
    • Real-time inventory tracking per warehouse
    • record of batch & serial numbers, stock valuation and inventory accounting
  • Sales & Purchase Management
    • Records purchase request for materials required for production
    • Automatic redirection of purchase orders to suppliers
    • Auto linking with sales and accounting after delivering finished goods

Bill of Materials

Maintain the list of all materials and operations that are required in making your finished product. Assign cost to each material and get insights of the total cost of production. Be on top of the materials required during production in real time.

erpnext screen

Production Orders

Track the orders for production floor, automatically track material movements as ERPNext interlinks production orders, bill of materials and inventory. Track the progress with timesheets and record successful production by registering finished goods.

erpnext screen

Inventory Management

Easily manage multiple inventory locations. Track inventory levels per warehouse and update based on manual inspection. Batches, serial numbers, stock valuation and automated inventory accounting help you be on top of stock.

erpnext screen

HR, Leave and Payroll

Your employees can apply for leaves and claim expenses directly through ERPNext. All of this is seamlessly integrated with your payroll and accounting. ERPNext also helps you manage recruiting, appraisals, trainings and much more.

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Sales + Purchase Management

Make purchase requests for all materials required for production. Send automatically to concerned suppliers. Manage inventory of finished goods at the end of production and automatically link it to sales and accounting.

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