The Board of Director (BOD) of CR-Enviro consist of three person from three different Engineering background which is Chemical, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering.

The three of them forming alliance in providing the best experience, the best system, the best product, the best service in providing engineering solutions for the environment, industry and community. They are so called “United Engineering” since they comes from different engineering background but blended together to made perfect to each others.

Below is our Board of Director (BOD) short profile:

Dimas Satya Lesmana

Managing Director

Mr. Lesmana is a Chemical Engineer which have actively working in the Oil and Gas Pipeline industries previously and have experience as Country Manager and Regional Manager for Asia Pacific area with a leading U.S company based in Houston-Texas before he joined with CR-Enviro.

He is managing the company since 2013 and have grown the company by 800% increase since he was appointed as Managing Director. His contribution to the management system development have gained collosal momentum for CR-Enviro and his vision, people alignment and transformationary for the company has made him one of the best asset for CR-Enviro.

Dadan Suparlan

Engineering Director (Commissioner)

Mr. Suparlan is Mechanical Engineer from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and have involved in the development of Environmental Engineering equipment such as Incinerator, Electrocoagulation Waste Water Treatment etc since 1995.

He has more than 20 years of field and management experience from engineer level to manager level before he joined CR-Enviro as Engineering Director since 2013.

His vision, dedication and passion with the work involved have helped the company to grow extraordinarily.

Eri Rustandi

Sales and Marketing Director (Commissioner)

Mr. Rustandi is an Environmental Engineer from Sahid University Jakarta and have involved extensively in the field of laboratory and environmental industries before he joined CR-Enviro. He joined the company since 2013 and have involved developing the company from scratch.

He has showing great leadership and have fully involved in transforming the company from zero to hero. His role currently have helped the company to achieve the goals and target on a year on year basis.

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