With decreasing access to freshwater supplies and increased regu­lations around water use and handling, modern oil & gas opera­tors are looking for newer and better ways to manage water dur­ing oil & gas production. PT. Centra Rekayasa Enviro has focused on bringing to market innovative, scalable, and oil-field ready water treatment technologies that enhance production and decrease disposal costs for the oil & gas industry.We can also support your operation within the Total Drilling Waste Management (TDWM) System, which is one of the state of the art  and proven, portable technology is available as part of a comprehensive full service package and in turn also integrates seamlessly into pre-existing liquid and solids control operations.Our experts developed this approach so you can reduce your environmental footprint. We reuse and recycle most of the drilling waste we process. Using the most efficient technology and processes to achieve the desired results, we ensure environmental security. The bottom line: these single-point services takes care of your drilling waste management concerns so you can focus on your operations.

Technology we provide for the Oil and Gas Market:


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