Consisting of high-strength proprietary glass fiber reinforcement, the moisture-cured A+ Wrap™ advanced composite repair system is commonly used for pipelines and piping systems experiencing corrosion or mechanical damage.

Following the ASME PCC-2 and ISO 28417 standards, A+ Wrap™ reinforces a pipe by containing hoop and axial loads, thereby reducing strain in the defect region. The system requires no special tools for application and sets within an hour after installation.

Typical Uses:
  • External corrosion and pitting
  • Dents, gouges and scratches
  • Welds and other manufacturing flaws


Mechanical Properties 

Attribute–Tensile Strength
Method– ASTM D3039
Value– 51,800 psi

Attribute–Tensile Modulus
Method–ASTM D3039
Value–3.01 x 106 psi

Attribute–Poisson’s Ratio
Method–ASTM D3039

Thermal Properties

Attribute-Thermal Expansion
Method–ASTM E831
10.2 ?m/m/°C

Attribute–Heat Distortion Temperature
Method–ASTM D648
Value–205 °C

Attribute–Max Operating Temperature
Method–ASME PCC-2
Value–185 °C

Attribute–Application Temperature
Value– -50°F to 120°F     -46°C to 49°C

System Properties

Attribute– Ply Thickness
Value–22 mils (0.022 inches)

Attribute–Working Time
Value–20 – 30 minutes

Attribute–Set Time
Value–2 hours

Attribute–Cure Time
Value–24 hours

Attribute–Shelf Life
Value–1 year with proper storage

Attribute–Stocked Sizes
Value–From 2″ X 12′  to 12″ X 90′


1. Surface Preparation 
Remove all soft coatings and media blast the pipe to a 2.5 mil profile (NACE 3 minimum). Wipe the surface with a solvent such as Acetone, Toluene, or MEK.

2. Load Transfer Filler 
Mix the putty or paste until uniform in color and apply to any defects. Shape the filler to near net surface profile of pipe.

3. Adhesive Primer 
Mix equal parts of the adhesive primer until uniform. Apply the primer to the pipe surface, ensuring a minimum of 30-mil coverage. Allow the primer to sit until a “peanut butter” thickness is achieved.

4. A+ Wrap™ Preparation
Remove the A+ Wrap™ from the foil pouch and submerse in water for 1 minute. Wrap the material around the pipe, while spraying each layer with water. Apply uniform tension during application.

5. Apply Compression Wrap 
Tightly apply 4-6 layers of compression wrap over the repair. Perforate the surface of the compression wrap to enable out-gassing.

6. Apply Top Coating if Needed 
Allow two hours for the A+ Wrap to harden before removing the compression wrap. Afterwards, if needed, apply the pipe coating.

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