The PolyBrute System


The PolyBrute System is a revolutionary repair method that bonds directly to polyethylene pipe. By utilizing composite technology, this patented system eliminates the need to perform a cutout and stop the flow of gas, saving time and money.
Additionally, this system can help provide a safer repair alternative by causing no damage to the existing pipe – no microcracks from crimping or pinching the line.

Key Applications: 
  • Gouges
  • Cracks
  • Degraded joint connections
  • Squeeze tool damage
  • Poly-coated pipe

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Performance Specification

RPM analysis was carried out by performing sustained hydrostatic pressure testing on repaired pipe specimens with induced damage (4″ long 80% notch), at three different temperatures; 140°F, 176°F & 194°F (60, 80 & 90°C), using the method described in ASTM D1598.

The testing results show that the repaired samples would last at least 20 years in the field under normal operating conditions.

To view the summary testing report from OTD (Operations Technology Development) click here. Details are listed on page 21.

To purchase the full OTD report, visit the OTD website.


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