The CRE way is our philosophy in doing our business. The CRE way is being established by the Board of Director (BOD) to accomodate and accelerate the exponential growth of the company and to pursue excellence to become a world class company in the future.

Firstly, we develop our own Corporate Culture which consist of three main element C-R-E taken from our company initial, and our corporate culture consist of:

  • C – Consistency and Integrity to encouraging good coordination and control within the company.
  • R – Realizing equal opportunity for each employee to their full potential within the company continuous growth.
  • E – Employee pride and enthusiasm with positive mental attitude for the organization and the work performed.

Secondly, once the culture have been developed, we continue the development into Corporate Core Value. Our Corporate Core Value is the main pillar for the company continuous rapid growth. Again, we develop our corporate core value using our main three company initial C-R-E, and our core value consist of:

Lastly, we develop our Corporate Key Behaviour after the culture and core value have been nourished and developed on a daily basis. Our corporate key behaviour also consist of three letter C-R-E and it is consist of:

But, besides the three main component of corporate culture, core value and key behaviour, we also develop integrated SPIRIT Value which consist of Safety, People, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork. This integrated value will become both our guiding and driving path to help the acceleration of the company continuous exponential growth.


The combination and integration of CRE Corporate Culture, Core Value, Key Behaviour and SPIRIT Value is what we called as the CRE way and it is our diffentiator in the market and which will distinguish us from our competitor.