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PT Centra Rekayasa Enviro is a fully owned private enterprise based in Bandung and have the core business in Environmental Engineering, Waste Engineering, Waste to Energy, Civil Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Pipeline Integrity, Maintenance Service, and Consulting.
We provide integrated services backed up by excellent teamwork and committed with customer success. Our mission is to maximize resource value, while minimizing - and even eliminating - environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive.

Ecolabel - Teknologi Ramah Lingkungan

Our equipment is designed as environmentally friendly equipment and is used as an engineering solutions for the environment, industry and community.

"Engineering Solutions for Our Environment, Industry and Community"

Electrocoagulation for your Waste Water Treatment Solution

Electrocoagulation Benefits:
- Meet Discharge Requirements
- Reduce Sludge Volume
- No Chemicals
- Process Multiple Contaminants
- Process Waste Streams with up to 5% solids.
- Harvest Proteins, Oils, and Metals
- Less processing fee (monthly cost)
- Land required is relatively small
- The execution / use very simple tools
- There is virtually no need of Chemical materials
- Able to process various types of liquid waste
- Less sludge generated from the process
- Risk of workmanship is very small
- Faster processing time

Electrocoagulation Application in Industry:
- Hazardous Waste Plant
- Oil and Gas
- Mining
- Automotive Industries
- Petrochemical
- Manufacturing Industries
- Etc

- FREE Treatability studies
- Field-scale demonstration pilots
- System installation, commissioning, & follow-up service
- Operator training courses
- Client-tailored research & development
- Integration with Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration and other downstream polishing technologies

Green Technology

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Scope of Business | Product and Services

Scope of Business | Product and Services

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